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What can I expect
at a Sunday Service?

Learn about Christian Science Services and what they include.

Our Sunday Church Service begins at 9:30 AM and lasts about an hour. Our doors are always open and everyone is welcome to take a seat and join in! Our services are ordered, but informal.

Our services open with song! Everyone stands up to sing hymns.

The words are meaningful and intended to uplift and

inspire our thoughts.

There's a time for silent prayer; an opportunity to pray for everyone in the congregation, as we each quietly commune with God.

After this,

we pray with the Lord's Prayer - spoken aloud by everyone in the Church.

Then we have our solo -

an inspiring performance of a song or hymn, with a connection to the week's Sermon.

Our Sermon consists of readings from our Pastor - the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. We have no priests or preachers; opinions, agendas, and judgements are not a part of our service.

Finally, our service concludes with another hymn, and readings

from Science and Health,

alongside corresponding

passages from I John.

“The Bible, and the

Christian Science text-book

are our only preachers.”
– Mary Baker Eddy

The Bible is at the heart of Christian Science practice.

To learn more about the Weekly Bible Lesson that comprises our Sermon, click here!

Each week, the Bible Lesson offers practical

healing ideas that anyone can apply.

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